Water Damage

Flooding and subsequent water damage can be a frightening situation. Call Stanley Painting Company to repair water damage today.

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BEST Restorative Painting Services

Our service team is made up of experienced and professional career painters who can paint the interior or exterior of your office, church buildings, or home.  We do our best to understand exactly what you want before we get started.


If your home needs a touch-up, we have you covered.
Exterior Painting

If your home needs a touch-up, we have you covered. You deserve to live in a beautiful home, and our paint services will transform even the dullest of paint jobs to stunning homes.

We will guarantee a clean paint job for any room of your house.
Interior Painting

Every room in your home should make you feel, well, at home. Any color you want, any surface, we will help make you feel at home.

We can restore old buildings to their former beauty.
Restoration Painting

We love to restore old buildings to their former beauty, no matter how old they are. Peeling paint can make any building feel old or uncared for, but with our restoration you will see a beautiful building where a sad building once stood.

We have become one of the top painting companies for historical buildings and sites.
Historical Painting

Lately we have become Maryland's top historical painting service. We treat all of our projects with respect, but when the building is a part of history, we take extra care to preserve the history while making it feel fresh.

Old historical buildings sometimes need restoring, and we are here to help.
Historical Restoration

Some historical buildings might need more than just a new paint job to look like their former glory. We will restore even the most dilapidated of historic buildings, and we will do it with pride.

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In 1982, while working in the defense industry, I discovered I had a passion for painting and restoration.  In 1992, I decided to start my own business as a painting contractor. Over the past 20+ years, our company has focused on the principles of quality work and professionalism. We have grown to become one of the top painting and restoration companies in Maryland. Our services have grown into not only residential and office restoration, but also in the restoration of churches, schools, and historic estates. 

We are a family-owned and operated company with the experience to ensure the qualities and standards you have come to expect.    

exterior painting

Why choose Stanley’s Painting Co.?


Stanley’s Painting Co. is a friendly, family-owned painting company here in Whitehall. We specialize in interior painting,  exterior painting, plaster and drywall repair, repair of water damage, and historical painting and restoration. We’ve been in business since 1992, so you know you are working with experienced professionals. If you need any painting services, we are surely the best option you can find. You won’t find any other painting company with more experience, better service, and better rates than we have! 

Our service team is made up of experienced and professional career painters who can paint the interior or exterior of your office, church buildings, or home, and anywhere in between.  We use only the best paints for our painting and restorations, and pride ourselves on our professional and personable staff.  We do our best to understand exactly what you want before we get started. We know that your properties are a huge investment, so we take our job seriously when you choose us for your painting projects. You can expect clean lines and a paint job that will last. Contact us and get a FREE onsite estimate for your project.

What is the best method to contact you?

If you would like to call us, please feel free to at the number (410) 661-1113. If you would prefer to email us, please feel free to at contactus@stanleyspaintingcompany.com. When you call us, you will be transferred directly to our owner. We will also provide you with a FREE onsite estimate to determine how we can best help you.​

What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on the service requested and the size of the job. All of our services are very affordable, we guarantee it. The price can be determined during the onsite estimation. The estimate, however, is entirely free!

What kind of paint supplies do you use in your projects?

We use the best paints, such as Benjamin Moore Paints and Fine Paints of Europe. We only use the best in all of our projects, because you and your home, church, or historical building deserve the best.​

What areas do you service?

Our company is based in Whitehall, but we also service Parkton, Guilford, Roland Park, Timonium, Homeland, and Baltimore. If you are unsure if we service your area, give us a call at (410) 661-1113 or email contactus@stanleyspaintingcompany.com and we can talk to you further.​

How long will the job take?

Every job is unique, depending on the size of the surface being painted and the number of supplies and materials being used. The length of the project can be discussed further during your onsite estimate.​

Who do you provide services to?​

We provide services to homeowners looking to paint the exterior or interior of their homes, businesses looking for a paint job for their office, and historical sites and buildings that need either restoration or a fresh paint look.

Do I need to pay for an estimate?

Not at all! We provide free onsite estimates. We believe in affordability, so we make sure our services are accessible. If you have any questions on pricing or want a free estimate, call us at (410) 661-1113, or email us at contactus@stanleyspaintingcompany.com  We look forward to serving you!

​What should I do to protect my house for painting?

Our crew will protect all of your fixtures, furniture, and floor coverings when completing an interior painting job. However, for these interior projects, we will ask that you clear the room(s) being painted of things that may be fragile and have the potential to break or small items. We also can move larger items for you upon request.

What types of restoration services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of restoration services in addition to our painting options! We restore personal and historical sites that may have stood the test of time and have started showing their age. Seriously, we do it all no matter what the job entails to keep your home looking great! 

​What should I do if I have paint that is peeling and cracking?

​If you have paint that is peeling and cracking, it is time to repaint. The longer paint is left to crack and peel, the more chances wood may deteriorate and will need to be replaced. Damage is often hidden and paint can become worse over time if left untreated. We can repaint surfaces that show the risk of damage, or if your building is already severely damaged, we can restore it to its original beauty.

​If I am selling my home, is it a good idea to re-paint?

​You want your house to look fresh and clean if you are trying to sell it. A fresh coat of paint can give your home a new glow and is the most efficient way to increase your curbside appeal and help your home sell. A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to increase your home’s value.

​How do I know which paint brand is right for my home?

​Let our painting crew help make that decision for you! Choosing the right paint for your home can be difficult, but our experts know what kind of paint and what paint brand might be best suited to your project. Although salesmen may be knowledgeable in helping you choose your paint, your house painter will know the best paint for your home specifically. High price does not always equal the best product!